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BattleScan – Augmented Reality Barcode Monster Fighting Game Seeks $200,000 in


Calgary, Alberta

Date: April 23rd 2016

For Immediate Release

Kris Bray, an independent software developer from Canada, launches an Indiegogo campaign

for BattleScan, a mobile game based on scanning QRCodes or Barcodes on products and

transforming them into 3D characters and game items to get weapons power ups and more.

BattleScan is a treasure hunt style Augmented Reality game where the user can scan any

barcode/QR code with their mobile phone then watch how it transforms into a 3D characters

through the viewport of the camera right on top of the barcode.

Kris’s inspiration for this game came from his childhood, playing an old game called Barcode

Battler, a Japanese handheld gaming console popular in 90s where players were encouraged to

go beyond the barcodes provided with the game itself and to experiment to find their own

barcode monsters from everyday products like food and cleaning products. The user would cut

the barcode out glue it to cardboard and swipe it through the handheld device.

If it gets funded, BattleScan will be released for iOS and Android, the developer also plans to

create multiplayer where user can fight friends’ collection to add more excitement. Two modes

of multiplayer will be developed, for the first game launch street fighter style battles will take

place in arenas also found by scanning. Later a second augmented reality fight mode will be

created allowing table top augmented reality battles to take place just like in star wars!

Kris released a pitch video for BattleScan showing a part of the cinematic trailer to get the idea

out in story form.

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About Kris Bray

Kris has been in software development his entire life finding a passion in the field as early as 12

years old. He has created numerous business applications, augmented reality apps for

advertisements and art and discovery exhibits. Programming since childhood, Kris holds an

unsurpassed passion for developing next-gen intelligent applications utilizing any technology at

his disposal.

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