You Found a Letter!

Hi there, I see you’ve stumbled upon my letter. I am writing this because well, I hope some day someone fixes this broken world of ours and if they do they are going to need to know as much as possible about it! I’m no expert, but I’ll tell you what I know.

Okay, so what day is it… nobody really knows what the real date is anymore, but we suspect it to be somewhere in the 30th century. Our world is ruined. We are a society of scavengers desperately scouring the earth to find any signs of our past and how to get back to some kind of civilization. We have few clues aside from the ruins and artifacts we find. Strange boxes with pictures, toys for children, abandoned cars and old vehicles. There is something else that doesn’t quite fit however… Scattered across our desolate world we have discovered strange enormous structures like big obelisks. We have no idea if our ancestors built them or… someone else.

What we do know is when we bring old artifacts, (you know the ones that have these strange symbols on them, almost always painted in black and white usually rectangular with black bars or boxes on a white background) to one of these strange obelisks, the structure emits a bright red beam and scans the artifact, then we wait. A portal opens! Sometimes delicious food appears! In these times it’s our only chance of survival. Sometimes on rare occasions I have heard the obelisks bring forth riches! Gold and jewels! I haven’t seen them myself but I heard it from a friend of a friend who is known to be quite respectable.

You must beware however! There is a catch though to these giving structures, sometimes… sometimes something horrible comes forth, creatures… monsters! Oh it’s horrible! you don’t want to hear anymore. Oh you do? Okay. If I must, well… I am talking fangs here people. I am talking oozing dripping ugly monsters that want to tear you limb from limb! Blood thirsty demons! Giants!  Okay calm down, calm down, your scared I know.. But fear not! Some of us have managed to capture these creatures. To train them to fight for us! To fight new monsters that come through the obelisk portals! One day someone somewhere will find the secret to our past. A way to save us from this eternal wasteland! You look like you might just be that soul waiting to bring us our salvation, then again, you may just be food for the next monster… I guess time will tell.

Good Luck! and Beware.

Yours truly,

A passing stranger.